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For example, suppose you bet the Pass Line at the beginning of a new game and the shooter rolls a 5 for the point (i.e., your Pass Line point is 5).Hint: If you forget the player positions, remember that I said earlier in this article to put the Flat Come bet chip in the Come box directly in front of you.Craps Game Odds. Craps is a unique casino. your come or pass line bets,. of gameplay in craps game rules. Practice betting techniques with a.Come Bet. Craps: The Come Bet by Wilson of The come bet is basically the same bet as the pass line bet, but it is made only after the come out roll.If you have Come with Odds bets working on the come-out roll of a new game (i.e., the shooter made his point to end the previous game, so the next roll is the come-out roll for a new game), the Odds portions of your Come bets are considered automatically off (i.e., not working and not in play).After a point is established, the only numbers that matter for Pass Line bets are 7 and the point number.As soon as you put your chip in the Come box, the very next roll is considered the come-out roll for that specific Come bet.The article was a guest post and later followed by a second post that a user submitted in regards to statements made in the first one.

So, if your second Flat Come bet is the same amount as your first one, the dealer typically leaves the chips in their place and just pays your winnings.The Pass Line point applies to everyone at the table who makes a Flat Pass Line bet.For your Come bet, a 7 showed before your Come point of 5, so you lose your Come bet.

Pick up your winnings, but leave the original Come bet chip there because you want to make another Flat Come bet on the next roll. 5.CLICK HERE It is the casino I like to play at so not reason why you would not like it too, we are like minded.Craps House Rules 1. Come Bets: A come bet can be made only after a point is established. All bets on the come are betting on the next roll of the dice.

Remember, a Come bet is just like a Pass Line bet but is made after the shooter establishes a point.To make a Come bet,. Finally, in one of the quirky rules of craps, any Odds bets on top of Come bets are "turned off" during a Come Out roll.

That seems like an awful lot of work for the dealer to remove your winning first Come bet and then replace it with your second Come bet.Craps - Advanced Strategy. bypass the come out roll and bet on all of. So you'll bet $3 3-way craps, along with $40 on the pass line.Because the shooter rolled her Pass Line point of 10 to end the game, a new game is about to start.Las Vegas Craps Champions are Known as Golden Arms Craps Machine not paying the full payout odds Craps Cheaters Go Bust.Unless you say otherwise, your place bets are off on the come out roll.The Come Bet is like an "additional" Pass Line bet. Find out when you can make this bet and where your come Bet is placed on the table., now in this example, you have the 5 as your point for your Pass Line bet, and you have the 10 as your point for your Come bet.

Learn how to play craps like the. Both bets pay 1:1. Craps Rules. meaning you can make an odds bet of three times your pass or come bet if the point number.FRANK SCOBLETE'S WISDOM - WEEKLY ARTICLES BY FRANK SCOBLETE:. the most popular bet at craps,. Come, Don’t Pass, Don’t Come, Odds bets to Hop bets,.

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After your Come point is established, the dealer moves your chips from the Come box to the square point number box for your Come point number.

Answer 1 of 11: I've been to Vegas a few times, going again in 10 days! Usually play blackjack, but decided I want to give Craps a try this time. I've read.

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Rather than removing your first Come bet and then replacing it with your second Come bet, the dealer saves time by leaving everything in its place and just paying your winnings, which he places next to your second Come bet chip in the Come box.When the Pass Line point is established, the dealer marks the Pass Line point with the puck in the corresponding square point box.For your Come bet, 8 becomes your Come point, so the dealer moves your Come bet to the 8 point box.Now, since your Come bet won and you picked up all your chips, the only bets you have on the table are the Pass Line with Odds bets. 14.

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Also in this example, you have a new Flat Come bet in the Come box.

That, and the fact that the place bet odds have a bigger house edge than your come net odds (which have a house edge of ZERO) make the come a better play. crapspit Thank you Abraham for commenting and sharing information about the bets.The Pass Line Bet is generally considered to be the most popular bet in Craps. The bet can be made at the start of the game before the 'come out' roll, when the game is 'Off'. To make the bet, click on the Pass Line to add the desired bet amount to the table then click Roll to roll the dice. If a 7 or 11 is rolled, the bet pays even money (1:1).

This starts a new round of the game with different rules. craps betting options are the ‘come. Online Craps Odds. Craps betting has one of the.Play Craps online for fun or for real money at my favorite online casino.Come Bet. If a player is new to the Craps table and wants to make a line bet his best option is to. Come Bet Rules. If the come out roll is a 7 or 11 you.